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Commercial Plumbing Services

We complete all commercial plumbing service - including grease traps for restaurants, toilets, faucets, and wheelchair accessible sinks for malls, restaurants, and more. With increasingly stringent local and national building codes, professional commercial plumbing requires a different caliber of plumbing company.



We have experience working with local restaurants and eateries. From grease traps to industrial kitchen plumbing, our team can complete any repair or new installation.

When your restaurant is busy, you need to make sure that the water pressure is strong and the water is hot.

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Eastman Plumbing has extensive experience and knowledge working with non-residential and municipal plumbing needs. We ensure complete compliance with applicable labour laws and WSIB guidelines. We are also able to offer fulfillment of any specific plumbing product or supply needs through our brick and mortar storefront.

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Ensuring that your amenities are accessible to everyone is of utmost importance. Eastman Plumbing has substantial experience in installing facilities that meet both accessibility standards and the needs of our clients. We can help with the design of wheelchair accessible washrooms as well as their installation, and we also offer any supplies you may need to install and maintain accessible washrooms through our store.

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Water Treatment

Water treatments can remove that awful smell, stop the staining and crusting on and around fixtures, remove bad bacteria, and filter your water to give you great tasting, clean drinking water.

Hard water has an easy fix. A water softener will solve your water problems and so much more. Soft water means better quality water for a healthier, happier lifestyle. Soft water means sparkling dishes, no more scrubbing soap scum for hours, and laundry that stays brighter and lasts longer. Eastman Plumbing can help you get the right water softener for you.

There is no ‘okay’ amount of lead or chemicals to have in your tap water. Having chemicals and lead in your water can lead to long term health issues. If your water has an overpowering chlorine smell, sulfur smell, discolouration, or if you have rusting silverware, you have lead or chemicals in your water. Set up a consultation with Eastman Plumbing to have your water accurately tested and to find the best premium filter for you.

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