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About Eastman

Plumbing expertise

Since 2009 Eastman Plumbing has been providing quality service in everything we do. With our excellent team of tradesmen from our in house team to our close contacts we are ready to help you with any and all of your repair, renovation or upgrading needs...

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Eastman Plumbing Residential Repairs
Eastman Plumbing Residential Renovations

The Eastman Team has mastered both residential and commercial plumbing. For residential needs, we look after new home construction plumbing, renovation plumbing, sump pumps, water treatment, and both kitchen and bathroom renovations. For commercial plumbing needs, our team has an extensive knowledge base including wheelchair accessible washrooms, franchise plumbing (new installs and renovations), grease interceptor sale and service, new and used installs, and drain cleaning.

Eastman industrial plumbers are qualified to work with chemicals, perform drain locates, design layout as well as installation of all piping systems needed, and meter and treat all water. Water treatment systems are a large part of having a healthy home and body. Eastman Plumbing tests your water in-home to get the best results and then creates a customized package that will best suit your needs. We have ample knowledge on water softeners, iron filters, sulphur filters, pre-filters with ultraviolet light systems, reverse osmosis, and drinking water systems.

Having clean water you can trust is worth the call to Eastman Plumbing. We consistently strive to give the best quality service and look forward to looking after all of your plumbing needs.

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